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Quilt Show


Main categories

quilt consists of two layers of fabric with batting or some other filler between, and is quilted. 

Bed Quilts are made to be used rather than displayed.

Large bed quilts have a perimeter greater than 280 inches, made to be used on a bed.

  • Hand quilted
  • Machine quilted using a track system (i.e. sewing machine is moved)
  • Machine quilted using a stationary sewing machine

Small bed quilts have a maximum perimeter of 280 inches, made to be used on small beds or cribs, or as lap quilts.

  • Hand quilted
  • Machine quilted, any method

Wall Quilts are made to be displayed vertically. Any assembly methods and embellishments may be used.

Large wall quilts have a perimeter greater than 170 inches.

  • Hand quilted
  • Machine quilted, any method

    Small wall quilts have a maximum perimeter of 170 inches.

    • Hand quilted
    • Machine quilted, any method
    Art Quilts must be original, made mostly of fabric, consist of at least three layers of materials, and include some quilting. They may incorporate unconventional assembly and surface design techniques and embellishments. 

    Miniature Quilts must have a maximum perimeter of 72 inches. They must have overall patterns that reflect reduced scale and miniaturization with individual blocks no larger than 4 inches square, or be whole cloth.

    Special categories

    The President’s Challenge Theme is “Making a Grand Entrance”. Design a wall hanging featuring a door. Your quilt hanging should be no smaller than 40” in perimeter and no larger than 100” in perimeter. Anything goes. Use your imagination! 

    Touch Quilts are for patients with dementia, with a perimeter from 90 to 140 inches. There should be at least 9 different textures and no more than 4 embellishments. The quilts must be sturdily made, with no hard/sharp embellishments unless placed under sturdy net or fabric. Plastic zippers may be used, but not metal or ‘invisible’ zippers. No black or bright yellow fabrics.

    Youth Quilts are created by individuals up to 17 years of age and are sponsored by a member of the OVQG. The youth’s age must be included in the description.

    Other quilted items are all items that do not fit within the above categories, such as garments or accessories, tree skirts, table toppers/runners, bags, tea cosies, etc. With the exception of garments, items in this category must satisfy the definition of a quilt (see above). Garments should exhibit artistic flair, utilizing some recognizable quilting techniques (such as piecing, appliqué, thread painting, and/or quilting, to name just a few techniques). Three layers and/or quilting stitches are not required on garments.

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