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What can I use online payments for?

  • You can pay for your membership, including any extras, such as name tags. 
  • You can pay for workshops but you cannot pay for any associated supply fees.

How are online payments handled?

We use PayPal to manage online payments. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. You do not need to open a PayPal account to make an online payment.

How do I make an online payment?

  • You can choose online payment in the final step of your membership application, membership renewal or workshop registration.
  • You can click on the link to your invoice in the email you receive after you didn't pay online initially and make your payment without having to log in.

How does PayPal work?

  • When you choose online payment you are transferred to a secure PayPal payment page. 
  • Your payment details are shown on the left and you have 2 choices: to pay using your PayPal account or to pay when you don't have an account. You don't have to create a PayPal account if you don't want to. You just enter your credit card information to complete the transaction.
  • You are returned to the payment completion page on our website.
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