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Quilt Show

RULES and instructions


  • Entry is open to all guild members and, with the exception of the Youth category, the member must be the maker and/or the quilter of the item.
  • Entries must be received by April 3rd, one entry per form. Entries received after that date will not be accepted.
  • Entries can be submitted once the entry form has been published on the website.
  • There is no limit on the number of entries a member can submit. Each member is guaranteed acceptance of their top priority entry. Should there be too many entries submitted for the display space available, some entries will be refused by the Registrar based on the priority indicated on the entry forms, and equitably among all members with multiple entries. The decisions of the Registrar will be final.
  • An entry consists of a completed entry form, a colour photo of the quilted item, and, if applicable, the entry fee (see below). The photo may be submitted separately as long as the photo is identified with your name and the item name as specified in the entry form.
  • The Quilt Show Committee strongly urges members to use the online entry form to submit their entries instead of using a printed form. Doing so will greatly speed up the process for the Registrar. If you require help, the Registrar will be available at the March Sew Day at Maki House to provide assistance with filling out the online form.
  • A digital photo is strongly recommended.  A photographer will be available to take digital photos at the March Sew Day at Maki House should anyone require this service.
  • The item does not have to be completed at the time the entry is submitted, but the photo must be recognizable as to pattern, colour, and style. The photo should use a rectangular/square presentation.
  • If you decide to withdraw an item (perhaps it was incomplete and will not be completed in time for drop-off), please inform the Registrar as soon as possible before the drop-off dates so that a previously refused item can take its place.


  • An entry fee of $10 per item will be charged for the main categories. The extra categories: President’s Challenge, Touch Quilts, Youth and Other Quilted Items, are exempt.
  • Fees must be received no later than April 10 (NEW DATE), no exceptions. E-transfers are preferred. The Registrar will collect fees at the March Sew Day at Maki House and at the April monthly meeting. They may be mailed/dropped off to the Registrar (email the Registrar to get address and/or directions).
  • If your entry is refused due to space limitations, your entry fee will be refunded. 
  • If your item is accepted but you do not drop it off, your entry fee will not be refunded.


  • Please measure your quilted items carefully, in inches. The width is from left to right and the length is from top to bottom. The depth applies only to non-flat items and is the measurement from front to back. If your item is flat but is not square or rectangular, please give measurements for the smallest square or rectangle that encloses your item when it is hung as designed.
  • If your item is unfinished when you submit the entry, please provide your best estimate of its finished size. As soon as you complete your item, please measure again and email the Registrar if either measurement has changed by more than 0.5 inch, as this may affect the category of your item. Accurate measurements are crucial to planning the arrangement of the show.


  • For flat items, please securely attach a label on the back near the top of your item containing your name and phone number and the item name, as specified on your entry form.
  • For non-flat items, please attach the label inside or on the bottom of the item.


Each item, with the exception of non-flat items, must have a hanging sleeve attached to the back at the top just below the binding and extending to within 1” of each side. 

  • If the width is less than 25”, the sleeve should be at least 3” in width and continuous across the top of the quilt.
  • If the width is between 25” and 50”, the sleeve should be 4” in width and continuous across the top of the quilt.
  • If the width is greater than 50”, a split sleeve is required, comprised of 2 equal-length sleeves with a 2” gap between them at the centre. Both parts should be 4” in width and aligned so that the hanging rod can be inserted easily. The gap in the centre allows for 3 points of support and keeps the quilt from sagging.
Instructions for constructing your hanging sleeve can be found here.


  • Drop off occurs May 5-7No items will be accepted after May 7
  • Out of consideration for our fellow members and those attending the show, all quilts must be delivered clean and odour free. That means no cigarette smoke, no scented washing products and free of pet hair.
  • Please note that complete drop-off instructions, including locations and contact information, will be published on the members-only portion of the website before the April meeting.  The drop-off instructions will also be emailed to all entrants in early April.
  • Before making an appointment for drop off with one of our volunteers, ensure that you have attached the appropriate hanging sleeve and label, as described above. At your appointment, each of your items will be measured and  you will receive a receipt for each item that you will need in order to get your items back after the show. Don't lose your receipts!
  • Entries must be dropped off during the published drop-off hours, no exceptions. If you are unable to drop your entries off during the scheduled drop-off period, please arrange with a friend to drop them off for you.
  • If you cannot pick up your items personally after the show, please ensure that the person who will be picking them up is specified on each receipt.


Your items must be picked up between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on May 14th, the last day of the show, no exceptions. Please bring your item receipts (prepared during drop off) and some identification. If someone else is picking up your items, their name must be specified on each receipt.

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